Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Taiwan Day 2.2.Talkandwalk

We ended up skipping the night market last night and went to a cool buffet-style restaurant for dinner instead.The table had a grill built into it, and you can order small pieces of meat to cook for yourself and your party. Everyone except Kenna got a turn working the grill, and I'm pretty sure we're all converts. It's probably one of the best overall grilling experiences I've ever had, although I have to admit that if I were hungry, working the grill would be a pain when all I want to do was eat, Otherwise it makes for a nice, well-paced meal. Granted, it also resulted in two hours of eating and grilling and trying all sorts of meat and fish in addition to the wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and deserts that didn't need to be cooked. And Fullness. With a Capitol F, followed by many zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I actually brought my camera along this time, so there are some pictures.

Kenna and Kathryn, meditating on the meal ahead.

This is Dr. Huang's excited face. He and I eventually ate our weight in fried meat.
I'm not sure what's going on here.
After we got back, the girls went bed and Dr. Huang and I went for a walk down by the river. It's always good to be out and about with him, as we almost never have a shortage of things to talk about, especially in Taiwan. It's interesting, because we don't really have much in common except our interest in research that borders on workaholicsm and our insomnia. I think we both benefit from the different perspectives though. I know I enjoy hearing about his family and his views on things at least. He might just be really good at smiling and nodding when I talk.
I also took some more photos on the walk, but I was stupidly tired from the earlier meal and not many of them turned out. The ones that did I posted below. I think I'll make another jaunt down by the river tonight if I get the chance and try to take some more pictures, the opposing coast of the river is begging me to make a panoramic shot. Granted, it might not happen until later this week if I go meet up with some of the traceurs (parkour practioners) that I've been in contact with recently. Hopefully that works out.
Much of Taiwan is powered by propane. These tanks can be seen pretty much everywhere, even indoors.

This is a helmet shop. Given how about 90% of the population in Taiwan ride scooters, these guys must be making bank. It's actually pretty neat, many of the helmets have cartoons or fancy designs on them. Combined with the special face masks that many people here wear (many people have washable ones with designs on them instead of the cheap doctor's masks), it makes for some stylish scooterers.

PS: I'm sorry for the low quality posts lately. I'll try and tighten things up in the future, it's been difficult to get everything squared away the way I like with everything we've been doing.

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