Monday, December 20, 2010

More to do about nothing. Again.

Hopefully, my posting arbitrary silliness once in a while (like this) isn't too offensive, as I enjoy it too much to stop. It's very similar to the war I'm waging against the new uprising of Christmas cookies, I want to destroy them by any means possible, but more often than not the means is my mouth and gullet. It's kind of counter-productive.

I'm actually posting with a purpose this time, however. They don't really pertain to my study abroad trip or even Naturopathy - instead I've decided that I need to engage in UNBRIDLED SELF-PROMOTION. Exclamation point. Smiley-face. Et cetera. The reason for this is three-fold. One, I just added some friends and family to this blog's mailing list (which can only consist of 10 people). I figured their first email update for the blog should be very professional, complete with YELLINGABOUTTAIWANBECAUSEITSSOOCOOL. Two, I also just emailed a large number of my teachers from high school, informing them about the blog and my upcoming trip. I also figured that they deserve a nice dose of professionalism as well. Finally, I wanted to encourage people to sign up for Google reader. I use it to keep track of not only blogs, but also the online comics that I read and even video blogs. It's very versatile, and if you check into the special features you can cycle through all the content you haven't read yet with a single bookmark. I really like it, and it's a nice way to get around having to check a bunch of different URL's.


  1. Gosh, John, Are you excited about your Taiwan trip coming up? For the record, I am very proud of you!

  2. Thanks Mom. I am very excited, especially about having something to do besides look for jobs. I can handle spending about half a day on it before I start to feel a little hopeless.