Monday, December 27, 2010

Taiwan Day 1.2 - Templetime

Even though I slept a little on the flight from Tokyo-Narita, I was essentially a snoring dead person last night after we got to Dr. Huang's father's house and got all set up. Dr. Huang's younger brother and his girlfriend were nice enough to come and meet us at the bus stop and walk us there. We also got to meet Dr. Huang's older brother when we arrived at the house, although he didn't stick around for very long. The younger Huang brother actually lives at the house, so we've spent a good amount of time with him. I try once in a while to talk with him, but his English is about as good as my Chinese. We've yet to come to a good understanding of each other, to say the least.

I'm starting to feel the Jet-Lag pretty hard right now, so I'll be brief and let some pretty pictures I took do the talking for me. First and foremost, the Huang house is awesome. It's basically a combination of three different apartments, one of which is in another building and accessible by a bridge between the two buildings. I think there are 2 kitchens, 2 bathrooms, and 4 living rooms. There is also a garden that is built alongside the bridge between the two buildings. There are lots of pictures that even have captions to explain things.

This morning, I found out a couple of important things.
  • My rechargeable batteries do not work. Awesome, right?
  • Kathryn accidentally brought AA batteries with her. She needs AAA batteries for her camcorder.
  • Kathryn is willing to give up said batteries. I blame my winning smile and pokemon references.
Basically, I wasn't able to take pictures of the awesome breakfast we had, nor of the temples we walked to/got kicked out of. Actually, we pissed people off at breakfast as well. We walked to this nice little cafe place that serves breakfast all day. Breakfast in Taiwan is delicious, for the record. We had steamed dumplings (jung jiao), some omelet-like dan bing that lacked cheese but made up for it by inducing happiness in my mouth, and warm soy and rice milk. The food was great and very quick in coming, but we forgot to pay until after we had started eating. The ladies at the counter/kitchen didn't appreciate it. Lame story, I know. The temple story is better. Basically, we were too loud and Kenna was apparently dressed like a strumpet. Look it up. One of the temple attendants followed us around with a very vague sign until she got completely fed up with Dr. Huang explaining her culture and Kenna's exposed upper neck. She wasn't happy until we were on our way out and Kenna had a turtleneck on. We're so scandalous. Gag me with a spoon.

And now I'm going to nap before we go out for sashimi dinner. After that, I get to Skype with my fiancĂ©e and pretend to be a zombie in severe respiratory distress for a few hours until tomorrow's visit to the Taipei Flora Exhibition.

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