Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Taiwan Day 2.1 Flowerpower

Crackerjacks. Another busy day, and it's not even done. It's funny, I used to really look down on tourists, but having been one for the past two days I realize just how much effort it can be. Granted, I kind of went out of my way to make things difficult. Immersion language learning is terrifying fun.

I woke up a little early this morning, which is surprising because I stayed up late last night to try and skype with my fiancĂ©e. I took a few pictures, and then tried to skype a little more with my lovely lady friend. Also, for some reason my body has acclimated very rapidly with the area. So, when it's 50 some degrees in the morning, I get to shiver and be very out of character for the Wisconsinite that I am. It's pretty lame, though not nearly as much as when the water heater didn't turn on during my shower. Caffeine has nothing on that experience.

After freezing the sleep out of my bones, we went to breakfast at the same place we went to yesterday. Our plan is to either become regulars or get banned, as the food is delicious and we always toe the line with the ladies that run the shop. I've also forgot to take any pictures both times we were there as well, but I will remedy that tomorrow while demolishing a bowl of soy milk and dumplings.

After breakfast, we went to the Taiwan International Flora Expo and, after being literally crammed onto a full subway train, proceeded to take more photos than you can shake a stick at.
That's a really weird saying, although not nearly as weird as spooning with strange Taiwanese folks on a subway and not getting a phone number.

There's more photos at the link, feel free to check them out.

Anyways, most of the day is detailed by the pictures and their captions, but there are a few things that the pictures don't include. Namely, the random requests from large groups of Taiwanese kids to take their pictures with me and the other members of my group. They would just walk up to us saying, "pai jiao" (take picture) or "picture" and then make me feel like a movie star. It was surreal.

Now the girls and I are blogging/hanging out/resting up for our trip to the night market tonight, so stay tuned!

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