Monday, December 13, 2010

T-minus 12 and counting...

Part of me wishes that I was counting down to this, but this is not the case. I'm rapidly approaching a month away from my friends, family, fiancée, and just about everything else I've now realize that I've failed to fully appreciate. At least the next twelve days will be too busy for me to have any time for silly things like fear. Or sleep.

Motivation: Nothing beats a leaking stomach.
My to do list:
Virology final: Check
Senior Portfolio: Check
Honors Stanley Kubrick Paper: Check, Dave.

Genetics final: not check
Psychology final: not check

Getting the transfer from the Gilman Scholarship: check? soon? please?

Seriously, it needs to get here yesterday so my gut can return to it's normal, almost ulcerous state.

I've also have a study abroad office lunch tomorrow. In true Midwestern fashion, all the winter and spring study abroad students are being sent off to uncertainty and trepidation via potluck. I don't know about you, but nothing makes me feel brave like taco-lasagna. At least my fiancée is coming along with me, so she can help me make awkward small talk about the weather and the like. I've long learned that except for when there is a distinct collection of nerds in a room, pretty much everything I have to say is either uninteresting or painful. Unless someone wants to discuss class, research, games, parkour, breakdance, hip hop, or spud guns, I'm useless and should just have to smile and nod if I want people to stick around.

My last big thing to worry about besides packing, last minute Christmas celebrations, hanging out with my friend Abbie who is getting back from India with just enough time to hang out for a day or two, and writing really long run-on sentences is the plant/herb field guide that another member of the group and I are working on to help us identify the plants we'll be coming across in Taiwan. Normally, looking up pretty pictures of plants wouldn't be too difficult, but I've also been trying to find the medicinal uses of said plants. Sifting through the loads of crap that contains this information has made for some late nights and early mornings. And these guys.

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