Friday, January 14, 2011

Taiwan - Southern Taiwan and Kenting (Pt.1)

Sorry  it took so long, but I finally posted pictures from Taizhong. They're captioned, so go ahead and take a look: Day 7 photos (Traditional Chinese Medicine College, Clinic, and Museum)

With any luck I'll get the rest of the photos I took with Dr. Huang's camera sorted, labeled, and posted sometime in the next decade.


This week started with riding the bullet train again, this time from Taizhong to Kenting.

Kenting is in the southern part of Taiwan. Kenna, Kathryn, and I were very excited by this as it was much warmer there than in northern Taiwan. I know that it's been all of a few weeks since I was in the brisk Wisconsin winter storm warning fiesta, but my body temperature must have adapted as I was shivering in the 55 degree wind with everyone else in Taiwan. It kind of sucked, I was expecting summer weather and ended up almost a chilled as back home. Thus the excitement for Kenting. There was even talk of needing swimsuits for beach excursions. I was extra excited by this, as I've never actually been in an ocean.

I've been sprayed by both the Atlantic and the Pacific while in both Washingtons, but I never got the chance to jump in and splash back. REVENGE WILL BE MINE!

Edit: My ingenious battle plan was unsuccessful in instigating ocean-swimming. However, I did manage to land a few flips and possibly even my proper B-twist.
Not as good as swimming.
After having spent the first two weeks in chaotic Taipei and the only slightly calmer Taizhong, arriving in Kenting was a bit of shock. It's located in the midst of national park lands and actually has things like open spaces. Compared to the cramped northern cities that seem to be the battle ground of construction workers and advertisers, Kenting and the surrounding area's lack of competition for both level and vertical square footage was like walking out of an oven. If it weren't for the ocean and, unfortunately, the scooters, it's got a lot in common with Wisconsin.

Actually, that's quite a stretch. I might as well say Popsicles have a lot in common with wind turbines.

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