Monday, January 3, 2011

Taiwan Day 4 - Camerafix

So far, Taiwan has only one thing that really irritates me. My camera has decided to be a greedy little power-monger. I'm lucky if I can get half a day with one set. This sucks. The pictures from our trip to the hot springs that I have been able to take can be found here, although my camera was uncooperative after lunchtime.

However, and I'm sorry if I mentioned this before and forgot, Kenna and Kathryn have been letting me use their cameras for some things. So I still have some way to share my experiences besides for long, rambling posts. Granted, I pretty much forgot about some of the pictures I took on their cameras until I was looking at their uploads on facebook and was really confused about why some of the photos seemed so familiar before realizing that I took them. Kenna and Kathryn's photos can be found here and here, and I've posted some of my favorites below.

The temple we visited on the first day when my batteries were dead. The girls and I did a lot of posing and sillyness with the stone tigers before we got kicked out for strangely unrelated reasons.
This is almost everyone that had pizza at the Academic Sinica. It was very cool, the old lab assistants meeting the new lab assistants. We all got to commiserate about how much of a task-master Dr. Huang can be. From right to left is Kenna, Me, Kathryn, ChinWei, Dr. Huang, and Benjamin. Brian also joined us, but he had to go before we thought to take a picture.
Koi at the restaurant where we had Peking duck. Unfortunately, they were probably the nicest aspect of the place. The food was good, but there was a constant breeze that turned the place into a giant fridge.
We all got dressed up for New Years and the fancy food. Dr. Huang even borrowed some of ChinWei's (on my left) clothes. I found out that unless you're going to a wedding or funeral in Taiwan, dressing up is pretty uncommon. I'm liking this country more and more by the minute.
After dinner, we went over to ChinWei's house.  After we hung out with the adults downstairs and were thoroughly overwhelmed with tri-lingual yelling, we went upstairs to meet ChinWei's younger brother Nick. He and his friends were a lot less exhausting to be around, for the most part we just shared wine and introductions.
Me doing Science.

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