Thursday, November 18, 2010


I know that I said that I would post more about the trip tonight, but once again I must demonstrate how awesome I am when it comes to non-critical deadlines. Sorry folks, you're not quite a priority in comparison to my genetics exam.

I mean....I presented at the SURSCA Gala event tonight. With the exception of explaining my poster to the point where I'm going hoarse, it was great to share my work with people. Surprisingly, I think that I managed to keep a few people actually interested in what I had to say. I did not expect this, as I tend to go into a form of nerd-hypnosis when I talk about my research. Between making exaggerated hand gestures, commenting on how ridiculous said hand gestures are, and projecting my voice while talking to someone who is literally two feet away, I like to think that I'm probably really entertaining to watch from afar. Thankfully I was wrong tonight, or at least I think that's what smiles mean in a conversation.

Again, I apologize for the essentially "fluff" nature of this post. I'll put some meaty pictures/words of/about the Gala and Taiwan up when I get time this weekend. Scout's honor.

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