Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Something about my trip for once.

With less than a month to go, it looks like we have finally hammered out what all we will be doing in Taiwan. To be fair, the general itinerary has been well established for a couple of months, but we ran into some scheduling issues. Upon ordering the tickets, my PI found that we wouldn't be able to take the same flight that we had earlier thought. Instead, we had the choice of leaving a few days earlier (for a few hundred dollars more) or leaving in the middle of Christmas Day. Strangely, the two women who are joining us wanted to leave earlier, as doing so would give them more time to prep for the next semester upon returning home. I can see where they might have been concerned, but the first few days of semester are probably the best days to miss if you're going to miss any. Personally, I'm a cheap skate and don't have to worry about taking classes when I get back so I'm perfectly happy with my PI's decision to leave on Christmas day. My fiance' is also happy about it - she was Not a happy camper when I told her the original date we were leaving. I still think it's a pretty silly excuse to stimulate the economy and the size of our landfills, although I'm not about to complain about having more time to spend with loved ones.

Unfortunately, it's late. I had hoped to post some of the details of the trip itinerary, but it's late and I am deficient in coffee and professional writing skills. I wrote something along the lines of five different cover letters today while looking for work where ever I can beg for it, and for some reason the prospect of attempting to write much more coherent and proper word-age is making me a little nauseated. I'll get over it. I'm probably just sick of finding the balance between "boring" and "going to get me sued for slander".

 Stay tuned, for tomorrow holds the promise of caffeine and charisma.

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