Tuesday, July 5, 2011


MOAR updates:
  • I was recently hired on to the staff of the Seattle Skin Cancer Center as a Mohs Technician. Basically, I help cure cancer by cutting it into little pieces. I tend to laugh at the tumors as I do this.
  • My Iritis has returned with a vengeance. Currently not able to see through the cloud of white blood cells that is INSIDE of my eye, but I have an appointment to get it looked at today after suffering the fourth of July weekend. Apparently Every opthalmologist either takes a four day vacation if they aren't already on sick leave. It sucks to their asthmar, because now my eye is so hulk-like and angry that I'm bettting they'll have to bring out the big guns.
  • Something like this, only with Lazers.
  • Otherwise, I'm in the process of completing the Gilman Follow-on Report and trying to keep in touch with people like Dr. Huang and my recently engaged friends Russ and Rachel (congratualations!).

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